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PAC personalized training programs are customized to the individual's needs. One of the best ways to measure, set, and attain goals is having the instruction of a personal trainer to help the client push past instances where they might "take it easy", or even give up.   Sometimes the knowledge of what to do is not what is lacking, but rather the motivation and accountability to hold oneself to a higher standard. The personal training program at Plateau Athletic Club will work to safely educate the client on proper training techniques that will expedite progress but reduce the chance of injury. We have worked with, and continue to enjoy working with clients from various fitness backgrounds, and ages. Many with training goals that range from weight loss to bodybuilding; conquering actual mountains to rebuilding the body after an injury.  For these reasons we believe our personalized training programs are an invaluable asset to those serious about getting in shape and subsequently maintaining their fitness and furthering their progress where consistency is truly key.
Coach Vanessa giving us a glimpse at one of her High Intensity Interval workouts.

Program Features:

- Customizable routines that change with the clients fitness & goals.
- TrainerFU App included with purchase of package. App features allow for technical goal setting, progress tracking, and personally developed routines for the days the client is not working with a trainer. PAC Personal Training sets the client up for success with a tool box, full of tools, and the education to put them to use.
- Basic Body Weight Composition Assessment (Optional)
- Nutritional Planning